Saturday, 1 December 2012

What Is the Difference Between Epic Theatre & Dramatic Theatre? : Drama & Acting

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Epic theater and dramatic theater are fundamentally different for a few key reasons. Find out about the difference between epic theater and dramatic theater with help from a professional actress and singer in this free video clip.

Expert: Nancy Johnston
Bio: Nancy Johnston is an actress/singer who has appeared on Broadway, national tours, regional theatre, film, and TV, winning awards for appearances in major cities.
Filmmaker: Nancy Johnston

Series Description: Drama and acting are made up of a lot more than just knowing how to read the words on a printed page. Get tips on drama and acting with help from a professional actress and singer in this free video series.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

"A Day In The Life Of A Story Consultant" - Video Blog #4 - Part 2

This is the second part of my video blog reflecting on some of what I taught at the TV Writers' Summit. In this video, I discuss the Pitch Document.

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"A Day In The Life Of A Story Consultant" Video Blog #4

In this video blog, I talk about an exercise that I do at my seminars called "A Log Line For Your LIfe." I mention that I am going to discuss two things. I split them up. So, my video blog #5 is the second half of this. In it, I discuss the Pitch Document. more

Friday, 17 February 2012

Video Blog #3 - Philosophical Part of Story

In this video blog, I talk about the idea of moving from ego to spirit to the philosophical part of story. This is used with regards to the goal and the stakes. more

Video Blog #2 - "A Day In The Life Of A Story Consultant"

In this video blog, I discuss some of the Oscar nominated films (WAR HORSE, MONEYBALL, HUGO and EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE) in relation to utilizing external stakes.

I am doing a panel at The Writer's Store on 2/23/12 with a few other authors about the Oscar nominations.

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

How to Write a Screenplay - Style

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In this video, I talk about one of the most important aspects of screenwriting: style. Most every beginner needs to watch this video, as they don't write according to Hollywood screenwriting style. A script is nothing like a novel or short story. It is unque. You need to learn to write LEAN.

Pick up Style by Joseph Williams

How to Write a Screenplay - Formatting

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If you have any questions about what was covered in this video, please leave them in the comments. This video is an introduction to the series, why formatting is important, and a bit about formatting.

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Books to check out
Anything by Syd Field
Anatomy of Story by John Truby